Best Water Resistant Dog Collars To Make A Splash!

Our water resistant Buddy & Bone Dog Collars and Leads are perfect for dogs that love to make a splash. We explain what to look for and how best to look after your dogs accessories.

Traditional Leather vs Vegan Leather 
Leather dog collars have been around forever. Our Vegan Leather products are the new generation. Unlike other luxury dog collars, they don't require high maintenance after exposure to water. It can be wiped dry and will remain pliable whilst being soft against your dog's neck.

After repeated exposure to water, leather dog collars start to harden. Due to the material's porous nature, as the leather dries, it can become stiff and hard, losing its looks and suppleness. If the leather doesn't dry off quickly, it can also start to rot. Cared for correctly, vegan leather won't encounter these issues.

Buddy And Bone Luxury products also feature durable zinc alloy metal which is resistant to rust and staining.

Drying Your Dog Collar

While some of the best leather dog products will have a protective layer, this will soon wash away if your dog is a water baby! Once you're back from your walk, remove the wet collar and wipe off visable dirt and grit. Lay flat on a towel and air dry away from any direct heat source and sunlight (as this will cause the leather to dry too quickly and weaken).

Canvas dog collars will soak up the water and so will also absorb the dirt. Air drying is also best. Leave the collar until dry, then brush off dirt and grit.

Vegan Leather
Vegan leather dog collars are best air-dried for 24 hours after getting wet. Leave to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.

Cleaning Your Buddy & Bone Vegan Leather Products

Our Shark Grey Lead above shows how vegan leather is effortless to clean. It can be a simple solution of water and a microfibre cloth - For really stubborn stains, a little bit of washing up liquid can aid the cleaning process. Ensure any cloth you use to clean the collar is non-abrasive. For REALLY tough stains, collars can be placed in the washing machine on a short COLD cycle.

Non-water resistant dog collars such as leather should be cleaned with leather soap and a moist sponge. Leave to dry naturally then follow up with a moisturizing leather conditioner. Wash canvas dog collars according to the manufacturers washing instructions. After repeated washing, canvas dog collars generally start to fray and fade in colour. 

Our collars if cared for correctly don't fade. Our Blush Pink Products for example, remain pink with wear for that ultimate candyfloss look! With canvas dog collars, watch out for loose stitching that could compromise the strength of the collar.

For the Sea Dogs

Most dogs love swimming in the sea. B+B Collars are perfect for dogs that like to take a dip, but we do recommend cleaning our 100% vegan leather collars and leads after saltwater exposure.

Saltwater can create white spots on the vegan leather, so to avoid ruining your beautiful products and causing irritation to your dog's skin, we recommend you do the following:

1.) Firstly, rub off visible spots & stains with a clean, DRY cloth. For more stubborn stains use a white vinegar solution.
2.) White vinegar is the best answer to remove saltwater stains and other bits of grit and dirt. Dilute 2 tbsp of water to 1 tbsp of vinegar and never use the vinegar neat.
3.) With a folded dry cloth, dip in the solution to wipe off the white stains on your collar. Once complete, wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.
4.) Drying: Air dry for 24 hours.

We recommend also washing off your dog after a dip in the sea. Rinsing off your dog will also rinse away the salt residue which, if left, could dry out and/or irritate your dog's skin.

Caring For Your Dog's Skin
Just like us humans, your dog's skin needs love and attention. Our vegan dog collars are softly padded to ensure complete comfort. Always ensure that you can slip at least two fingers of 'breathing space' between our collars and your dog. The collar should kiss your dog's skin lightly, not so tight it could restrict their breathing or be uncomfortable to wear.

Sizing is also crucial.
We offer the most extensive dog collar sizing on the market. Whether you own a tiny teacup Chihuahua or a big Bull Mastiff, our vegan-friendly dog collars start at a tiny size of XS, going right up to XL size. Our collars are perfect for inquisitive puppies who need a stylish introduction to wearing their first collar, which is comfortable, yet robust.

Brushing your dog regularly will keep their coat looking good, release dead hair, prevent matting and also distribute the natural oils in their skin.

When our dogs are at home in a secure, enclosed environment, we always remove their collars to let their skin breathe. You should examine your dog daily to check for any cuts, grazes or ticks and this should always include the neck and collar area.

Whatever the water source; Paddling pool, open water, lakes, rivers or the sea, always be vigilant and keep dogs on Water Resistant Luxury Dog Leads if unsure around water sources. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Remember, not all dogs are excellent swimmers and be mindful of health hazards such as nasty bacteria’s and bugs, fishing barbs, broken glass bottles and cans.

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